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I will be working and adding to this page in the near future....but her materials are there

NOW for you to use... And the thing is this is something that mushrooms, continues to

grow with you and for you. I don't recommend many things but this is one I do think it

worth your time without hesitation. It may be a tiny step to you if you already have the

resources known to you and you apply them -- but if you don't it should be a gigantic

step. Many of us have read self help books, bought and listened to hours of audio

programs. This approach is different, it hits the spot with multiple tools. It's worth the

time to investigate! You can spend as much time as you like and go back and fill in when

you want -- the materials are modular and flexible, and they are provided to you so you

can revisit them -- nothing held back, even if you miss a live session it is yours to save

and replay, refresh and learn from as many times as you like in your own time.

Here is a screen shot of one page you can access with the course -- just a portion of the

materials made available to you when you sign up for the Magnetic Course!


To go to Kala's site now and learn about her course NOW, <<CLICK HERE>>.


I have looked for years to find a course that was self contained, reasonably priced, and for lack

of a better word "authentic"!

Not just something you sign up for to find that there are 3 more parts and without the "next course" you are left with nothing that

works (the old level 1, level 2, level blah routine)... Sure you can go further but if you had only so much time, you wanted to

choose one course that would get you unstuck -- you want something in one portion that works: here it is.

The concept of huna calls to you especially once you have lived here in Hawaii and come across

some of the legends, some of the local kahunas, sensed some of the myths are "real"...


This is not a read it/listen to it/participate in it --and then-- forget it/leave it course. The

program is on its face simple but it grabs you and once you get to paying ATTENTION there are

roots you explore that go fairly deep. Kala provides a big box of tools (or toys if you want to

view it that way) that each person can take and explore with. Or look at it like a garden and

those are your shovels and rakes. Or look at it as a canvas, and you have spray paint and brushes

and oils and acrylics -- all you got to do is pick something up and start to use it. Simple and yet

complex. The most important part is taking the energy to reach for the tool. Then the next

part, then the next, you don't need to have a big plan it takes hold of you and guides you and

Kala has devised a well rounded system, she does not throw the materials and then leave you

stranded -- you never feel like you are alone in this discovery and growth process.


When I signed up to take the Magnetic Course, I also ordered the book from Amazon.com -- you

get a downloadable version of the book as part of the course, but I personally find reading a

book on the computer distracting and would prefer not to print out 200 pages of 8 x 11 paper!

As it happens I studied the course exhaustively and got my book after my sessions ended -- but

I love the book as a refresher and reference. You might want to get to get a good foundation

and meet the ground running before you take the seminar! Whatever way you do it, the material

will come to you in your own time with your own processes once you have been exposed to it!


<-------The Seven Lost Secrets of... book is the companion book to the

Magnetic Course, very advisable to get it either before you sign up for the

course as a sneak peak or to have as a reference or refresher manual with

and after the course!

There is material in the course that builds on what is in this book -- the

audio materials and the on-line seminars teach you how to apply and

exceed the material covered in the book itself.

The Ecstasy to Success book is an earlier book produced by Kala Kos



Admittedly, all the words and the website for the course can seem hyped. We are guilty of enthusiasm, trying to express words

that will compel you to try. We would not take the time if we did not think it was of value. Take a peek, forgive our kornyness --

do what you think is appropriate for you. Enjoy, and see you on the other side of dull!


So you decide you don't want to spend any money taking the course. Well, at least buy the book

that will give you perhaps 70%. Look on this website at the top, there is a different approach

that has some very good tools with "The Work" it won't give you the Huna stuff but it will

provide an interrupt for blaming that works. The DVD/audio seminars of Wayne Dyer are really

very good and have many of the same approaches, but not all. Then you could investigate other

authors of Huna, like Max Freedom Long. You can read and sift thru much of this material and

put together a system that might work with some elbow grease. Also, one of the best authors to

get you to concentrate on the here and now is Eckart Tolle. I have links below to get you



Wayne Dyer

Wayne has done lots of good, exposing many people to

insights that are not exactly new but needed to be brought into

the range of the general public -- well accomplished with many

National campaigns on PBS stations. These would be a perfect

companion for Kala's course. Some of what Kala teaches

Wayne also lectures on. I'd say Kala is more precise and to the

point. If you want reinforcement, view or listen or read some of

the INTENTION subjects by Wayne, then go take Kala's

course, and you'll see she is not reinventing the wheel or

making up a theory but that she has made a well rounded

presentation that puts it all together. Then re-visit Dyer's

material for some different viewpoints and reinforcement of

what you learned with Kala. You will note that Wayne and Kala

are both from the psychological field. I think I have about every

audio program he's ever produced!


Eckart Tolle

This guy gets the job done when it comes to

reprogramming ourselves to PAY

ATTENTION. You would not think you'd need

a whole book or audio tape/CD to get this

ground into your head would you -- but take

one of these resources up and you'll see you

needed the exercise. If you find him too

impersonal, head to Pema. Myself, I like them

both. Tolle is more focused on the subject,

but if you need some additional experience

with mediation and some good examples,

Pema might be a better flavor for you -- but

either or and both should get the job done!


Max Freedom Long

Well this is the granddaddy that got much of this whole

shebang started. Many have carried the torch forward. His

books are fascinating to read because he does put Huna into

a historical perspective. Much of his work is out of print, grab

it while you can. You can take this, then do Tolle or Pema and

get a pretty good basic portion of what you would get with the

Kala Koss course. If you want it all, take the Kala Koss

course, then get the historical facts and the reinforcement of

this Long's works. If you have any doubts after Kala Koss,

read some of this guys stuff -- she is not fabricating anything,

she may be sugar coating it a bit for modern times but

whatever way you get to the material, it all makes sense.


Pema Chodron

One of my favorites to listen to, she will teach you methods

that you can use everyday without having to become a nun

like her! She used to be a school teacher, and the patience

and oratory skills carry over well to us now. Not exactly fine

tuned to our exact subject but a very good adjunct to our

study, very well recommended before, during or after the

Kala Kos course, and she is a bit more compelling and

friendlier than Tolle.