Byron Katie

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"Loving What


"I Need Your

Love -- Is

That True?"

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If I could only suggest ONE site for

you to look at, it would be THIS one...

Her books are available at as well as on her site. Just do yourself a

favor and spend a weekend with one of her books to make a lifetime of

difference in your future!

Her audio programs (which are really very easy to follow and understand if you

have a CD player or audio playback device like an  iPod) are available as either

downloads for those with portable devices or physical discs from the folks at

Her audio books are each at

least six hours but so easy to

absorb and apply you won't be

bored. Audible carries both

unabridged and abridged audio

versions! is a good deal

when you join their monthly

club because you can download

any two programs a month for

just $20 -- you'll be able to

get quality programs at a

steep discount (as compared

to say the itunes store at

For the best details -- go to

the site and read about it --

what is five minutes of time

to invest in your future well


Click anywhere among the

quotes (or <HERE>) to go to

Katie's site!  -->

The same "system" is applied in all her materials --  so you won't miss out  if you

start with or stay with any choice of material. She does not bait you with one

step in one book, another step in another book, there are no "secrets".

In fact all is revealed on the website -- but the materials are well worth your

investment to own and use.

The second major program reinforces the first and is called I

Need Your Love -- Is That True?

There are other materials as well at her site including free downloadable forms

to help you work along with the book or audio programs.

Want a link to a free mini book she provides? <<CLICK HERE>>

Just Do It!


This lady has a system (for lack of

a better term) that is easy to learn

and apply which could take the place

of the majority of therapies and

pills people seek to "cure" their

insecurities and depressions.


If I were asked to recommend which of her

materials to choose if you only got one, start with

the book or the audio program called Loving What

Is. The audio version is recorded with Katie in the

lead with her own voice for the majority of the

material. In my opinion hearing her actively

involved adds credence to the methodology.